I run a service called Bobcat In A Box that sends people little random items that make them happy. You should check it out.

Ship Dinosaurs is a special promotion, the dinosaurs are fulfilled through the Bobcat In A Box bot. Once you sign up you can add non-dinosaur keywords in order to get all sorts of other packages, if you like.

Are we actually sending people live dinosaurs? No, we are shipping a bunch of fun dinosaur items that you can buy for under $1 with free shipping. However, many of the items are made from plastics which are created from oil. So we are ultimately sending you dead dinosaurs.

This is great if you love dinosaurs and bewildering if someone signs you up anonymously. It is fun either way. Search Aliexpress.com or Ebay.com for ‘dinosaur’ to get an idea of what will be delivered… dinosaur eggs, dinosaur balloons, glow in the dark dinosaur figures, dinosaur pendants, etc.

Please email me at alexander@bobcatinabox.com with any questions/concerns.