Meaning: Tyrant reptile

Height: 20ft 

Length: 39 ft

Weight: 7.7 tons

Age: 65 million years

DietTyrannosaurus can swallow up to 500lbs of meat in a single bite, so keep those steaks coming. If you’re too squeamish for live food, T-Rex can scavenge, but it can smell meat from miles away so house it as far as possible from the nearest burger joint. However, you can use these smells to lure it into a cage for any medical check-ups. 
Although T-Rex deserves the best, we can’t offer live duck billed EdmontosaursTriceratops are popular though, so check with our “dino-donor” team for any newly departed pets, as well as your local zoo. Otherwise, provide a small herd of buffalo every 2 weeks.

Personality: As its full name “Tyrannosaurus Rex” suggests, the T-Rex is the lizard king and wants everyone to know it. Gregarious and quick-moving, it will make itself known to you, your neighbors, and their neighbors by striding around and roaring. It will also lunge for you on sight. With its babies, however, you couldn’t find a more doting parent.

Dino Care: You ordered the best, so it needs the best. You’ll need a whole team to manage this dino.

Speaking of which, its huge fangs will need scrubbing to prevent decay. Tyrannosaurushas a bite four times stronger than a lion’s, so reinforce its pen with steel, concrete and electric fences.Always have rangers with darts on standby. 

Shipping: Your team should accompany us from Montana’s Hell Creek Formation so they get to know the animal. We dart all Tyrannosaurs before travel as a precaution, and transport them by air or sea with a military escort.

Delivery Time: Your naval or air force contact will confirm, but on average 24 hours by cargo plane, 3 days by sea. We recommend night landings for fewer innocent bystanders.

Ideal for: Maximum terror; or for starting your own “dino zoo”. That would never go wrong.